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Our open-coil design reduces sensations of claustrophobia and often eliminates the need for sedation

Upright scanning allows for patients to be scanned when standing, which better aligns to the posture in which the symptoms are present

This is the online site for Manchester Metropolitan University’s weight bearing MRI scanner

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At Scanning For Health, we provide a professional environment to help put you at ease. Our open (no tunnel) system provides maximum comfort for the patient and benefits those who suffer with claustrophobia. Our weight-bearing scanner increases diagnostic accuracy in musculoskeletal applications. It allows patients to be examined in either a vertical or a horizontal positions to view the patient in positions more typical of daily activities than a traditional lying down (supine) position.

Benefits of using Scanning For Health:

» No waiting list
» Weight bearing open system
» Results/report provided within 3 working days
» We provide a professional, family friendly environment
» Easy access reserved free car parking space
» City centre location
» Competitively priced

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Scanning For Health at Manchester Metropolitan University

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Image showing the MRI scanner in action